Handle with Care

With the ongoing revelations about the NSA’s vast surveillance program, this is a good time to discuss how to strike the right balance between data collection and privacy.

Zarca Interactive is first and foremost a data collection tool. Many of you use our platform to learn valuable information about your target audience in order to make smart business choices. And while data empowers your critical decision-making, it’s vitally important to respect the privacy of your respondents.

The Engage platform not only gives you the tools to obtain information, but it also allows you to safeguard your participants’ privacy. For instance, did you know that it’s possible to create an anonymous survey that keeps all responses strictly confidential? This is just one way you can make your participants feel more comfortable answering sensitive questions with absolute honesty.

On our end, Zarca Interactive guarantees complete privacy for all our clients. We understand that the data you collect is yours, not ours. And we never sell any information about you to third parties.

While the debate about the limits of privacy versus security rages on, ultimately it’s our mission to respect your privacy, while giving you the tools to ensure data integrity, actionable results and consumer confidence.